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-filled saga. the misery grows for people living in airports. >>> record fine. the government charges toyota with the largest penalty ever for failing to come clean. >>> and rescuing city's landmarks before they're gone for good. >>> good morning, thanks for being with us on this monday morning. on this fifth day of the crippling aviation shutdown, signs that things could be slowly returning to normal. >> yeah, several countries have already reopened airspace this morning. half the scheduled flights will be able to take off. this after the airlines ran test flights into the ash reporting no problems. but still spewing 750,000 tons a second. >> showing the haze covering most of the continent. let's begin this morning's coverage right in the thick of it. sonia gallego has the latest developments from london. good morning, sonia. >> good morning, vinita, officials here attempt to flesh out a solution for the air travel chaos. >> reporter: it's the largest air traffic shut down in britain since world war ii. >> no planes or nothing. >> reporter: the committee known as cobra convened to discuss a
-- governor o'malley. >>> another headache for toyota this morning. >> toyota is temporarily putting the breaks on the sales of that suv. >>> the pace of foreclosures picking up. but the weather is picking up. a nice day today. >>> a beautiful day today. temperatures down to 43 degrees. we're pretty much on target with normal. but we'll jump above normal into the 70s this afternoon. you can follow the wakeup window at the bottom of the screen. let's go to the mta and check in with mark jones. >> reporter: good morning. you'll find the buses, a heavy involve passengers on the 13, seven, and 19 bus lines. light rail and the metro subway right on schedule and the mark train system no reported. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones. if you've taken your sleep aid and you're still fighting to sleep in the middle of the night, why would you go one more round using it ? you don't need a rematch-- but a re-think-- with lunesta. lunesta is different. it keys into receptors that support sleep, setting your sleep process in motion. lunesta helps you get the restful sleep you need. when takin
find out the hard way. here's diana avillar. >> reporter: toyota's delay in reporting mechanism problems already cost the cost $64 million, the largest fine ever for an automaker, maximum under american law. >> it's gone on record saying they wish they could fine toyota more. >> reporter: according to a letter from the national transportation safety board, a second fine may be assessed. based on documents that show toyota knew of two separate defects related to acceleration. in all, ntsa said they would have levied a fine of nearly $14 billion had it been allowed. experts say the tough talk from washington is a sign that lax standards will not be tolerated. >> toyota once was considered an invincible brand. clearly have take an fall here. i think a lot of other automakers are going to pay a lot more attention to any issues that come up. any customers reporting problems. >> reporter: however, the fallout from this safety crisis may not be as bad as once thought. march sales were much better than expected. a result analysts credit to aggressive price slashing and incentives. toyot
of the oklahoma city bombing. >>> the latest now. toyota says it will recall the 2010 lexus gs 460 toaddresss a problem with the suv rolling over. recall affects 6,000 vehicles sold since the suv went on sale in late december. consumer reports issued a don't buy warning last week on the vehicle saying that it susceptible to roll i don't haves. toyota responded by halting sales of the vehicle and conducting tests on all suvs. >>> toyota will pay a record fine to federal regulators. it is the latest trouble for the automaker as it struggles to put safety problems in the rear-view mirror. the safety crisis cost can car maker millions in revenue. now it will pay more in a levy assigned by the national highway transportation association. they will pay $16 million. maximum penalty allowed under u.s. law. documents show the company knew of concerns involving unintended acceleration and sticky gas pedals. the company recalled six million vehicles in all. sales are still strong. the company's once sterling reputation for safety has been tainted. >> toyota once was considered an invincible brand. other
. >>> a new safety warning about another toyota model. consumer reports magazine is urging you not to buy the new lexus gx460. it says it's test uncovered a roll over problem while making turns. calling toyota the fix the problem fast. toyota has not commented on the warning. this another set back for the company. toyota had to recall 8 million vehicles worldwide for accelerator problems. >>> is the recession over? the committee which determines the official start and end date for u.s. recessions met last week but says it ca k not determine the official ped end date. it confirmed december 2007 was when the recession began. most economic indicators have improved recently including the dow which closed above 11,000 for the first time in 18 months yesterday. even if there is no official determination of an end date, most economists agree that the recession is likely over. baltimore will receive federal disaster funds for the december snowstorm, remember the one that dumped 20 inches of snow in the city. baltimore wasn't included in president barack obama's initial disaster, because the city
for the lexus suv recall. just as toyota agreed to pay the $16 million fine, toyota announced it will recall 9400 lexus gs460 sales. consumer reports announced it as a do not buy. peter kits miller is is the president of the maryland automobile dealers association and understands the pressure dealers are under right now. >> we're sort of the front line people. we're the ones to take care of the problem. so the dealers have been working closely with toyota to tell them, look, we'll make sure we take care of the customers and we have a process in place now to do that. >> reporter: experts say only time will tell if toyota can with stand another blow to its safety image. >>> well, it's mimby3 hundred ton times over. plans for a megadevelopment could land 300 houses, condos, and town homes in this backyard in the near future. >> we don't want all of that crack going on. they're just saturating it. you go back 20 years, 24 wasn't even there. >> we're the bad guy because we're selling this property. and, you know, we have a retail meat business. we go to a farmer's market. nobody in camelot or t
street. on friday, reverend borders funeral will begin at 1:00 p.m. >>> toyota dealers already dealing with several recalls now have got another problem to fix. toyota is recalling nearly 10,000 lexus gs460s. this is the sixth recall since november. abc 2 news don harrison has more on the impact on dealers right here in maryland. >> reporter: just as toyota agreed to pay a record $16 million fine, toyota announced it will recall 94 00 lex -- 9400 lexus vehicles. they need to change a computer glitch. >> no question they've had a number of things happen all at once. >> reporter: peter kits miller is the president of the maryland automobile dealers association and understands the difficulties that dealers are under. >> we're sort of the front line people. we're the ones to take care of the problem, so the dealers have been working, you know, closely with toyota to tell them, look, we have to take care of these customers. i think they've got a process in place now to do that. >> reporter: peter says it should take an hour to make the adjustments. some consumers still aren't convinced they
hoveround collapsible grabber. call the number on your screen. >>> toyota is recalling its lexus, the suv that failed safety tests performed by "consumer reports" magazine. >> the automaker says it will fix stability control systems for the lexus gx-460 and similar models sold worldwide. the magazine told consumers not to buy that car after tests showed the suv was at risk of rollover accidents. the automaker says the gx-460 needs new stability control software. >> been a tough few months for toyota and as expected the company has agreed to pay a record $16 million fine to federal regulators while trying to repair its reputation. >> as diana alvear reports the fine is a big setback for the automaker. >> reporter: toyota's safety crisis has already cost the carmaker millions in lost revenue. now it will pay millions more in a civil fine levied by the national highway traffic safety administration. toyota has agreed to pay $16.4 million, the maximum penalty allowed under u.s. law. on its website the company said, we have acknowledged that we could have done a better job of sharing relevant
, it was a good month, ending today. sales by all the big car companies rose dramatically, including toyota. chris bury tells us there's a clear explanation why. >> reporter: for all its recent troubles, the massive recall, the public relations fiascos the embarrassment of having executives hauled before congress, toyota enjoyed sizzling sales last month, up 41% over last year. the big reason? generous incentives that lured bacchus hers. >> it's clear there are a lot of loil toyota customers out there that were ready and willing to take advantage of the incentives. >> reporter: toyota fought its image battles with an aggressive advertising campaign. >> we want to believe we can always be better. >> reporter: but the biggest incentives in toyota history, nearly $2300 per vehicle, helped turn around two straight months of declining sales. and american car makers were on a shot streak, too. >> the finance rates are wonderful, and people are realizing that ford is the car. >> reporter: at ford, sales were nearly up 40%, gm, 22%. chrysler, still struggling, posted an 8% decline. american automakers off
of the reports recommendations. >>> toyota engineering in japan work around the clock to fix new problem was the new lexus. consumer reports gave it a don't buy rating saying could cause roll over during turns. toyota hopes the magazine will retest it and lift the negative rating. there is no word on a recall but toyota is offering loaner vehicles to anyone who bought one of the suv's. >> now, the forecast certified most accurate by weather radar and maryland's most powerful radar. >> if you thought today was nice you haven't seen anything yet. >> i think so. we need to sort of savor a few of these cool spring days because we know what's coming. soon the heat and humidity. we got a taste of that a few weeks ago. we are warming up. in to the 70s friday. little rain to start the weekend. the second half looking good here. let's give it the details. right now out of pwi. we have 48 degrees right now. that's a cool april night. pressure still very high. 30.44. take a look at day that was rather nice for late april. sunset in downtown baltimore. beautiful blue hue to the sky. mountain not
to distribution of child pornography. >>> in tonight's consumer awe letter, toyota says it will now check all of its suvs for problems similar to the rollover risk uncovered by consumer reports and lexus gs 460. toyota suspended north american sales on tuesday. on wednesday expanded the suspension world-wide. toyota does not plan to sus eastbound the sales of the -- suspend the sales of the other vehicles. >>> ericson retirement communities has come out of bankruptcy. the chain of campus-style senior living facilities is being sold to redwood capital investments. the sale is expected to close by the end of the month. erickson runs 20 retirement communities of 23,000 residents in 11 states. >>> boarded up homes, overgrown yards trashed. these are the things you'll see in the city but not for long. neighbors are fighting the blight. how many homes will be left standing when this is removed. >>> valentine's day was two months ago. this is the weekend to fall in love all over again in annapolis. we'll take you to the new temporary lover's lane. >>> plus, a maryland family is a family. thanks to
for toyota tonight. consumer reports is urging people to stay away from one of the lexus models. what it uncovered that could put your family in damage. >>> and 'tis the season for headaches and runny noses. we're going to show you some new technology that releaving sinus pressure. >>> we hit a high temperature of only 53. warmer air is creeping in in our direction. we'll have that for you. [ male announcer ] why settle for cable? switch to fios for game-changing entertainment. now is the time to get fios tv along with internet and phone. for a limited time lock in a super low price of $69.99 a month for the first 6 months. see the difference a 100% fiber optic network makes. get amazing hd... top rated internet...and phone. all for just $69.99 a month for the first six months. don't wait -- this offer won't last. call 1-888-get-fios now. this is beyond cable. this is fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. . >>> a consumer alert tonight. toyota is temporarily putting the brakes on the sales of the new lexus gx 460. this move comes after co
their sales. and in spite of recent bad publicity, toyota is on that list. chris bury has e >> reporter: for all its recent troubles, the massive recalls, the public relations fiascos, the embarrassment of having executives hauled before congress, toyota enjoyed sizzling sales last month. up 41% over last year. the big reason, generous incentives that lured back customers. >> it's clear that there are a lot of loyal toyota customers out there that were ready and willing to take advantage of these incentives once toyota put them in place. >> reporter: toyota fought its image battles with an aggressive advertising campaign. >> we want to believe that we can always be better. >> reporter: the biggest incentives in toyota history -- nearly $2,300 per vehicle -- helped turn around two straight months of declining sales. and american carmakers were on a hot streak too. >> the rebates are great, the finance rates are wonderful, and people are realizing that ford has got the car. >> reporter: at ford, sales were up nearly 40%. gm up 22%. chrysler, still struggling, posted an 8% decline. america
's consumer alerts, toyota said it'll now check all of its suv's for problems similar to that roll over risk found by consumer reports in the lexus gx460. toya suspended north american sales on tuesday and then on wednesday expand the suspension worldwide. toyota doesn't plan to suspend the sales of the other vehicles that it's testing. >>> shoppers downtown baltimore is the place to be this weekend. baltimore retail week kicked off today. it's an unofficial week of tax free shopping. about 60 downtown retailers are offing discounts of 6% or more. >>> well you won't have your tax refund in time to enjoy this weekend's shopping but we tell you how to track your return and some new incentives which can make the refund go further so you don't waste your money. >> now that almost everybody in greater baltimore has filed their tax its its time to wait for the refund. with the average refund more than $2,000 we have good reason to be impatient. you can find out how long it'll take if you go to the irs website. go to irs.gov and click the where is my refund section. lue have to put in your social
as the city mayor will be honored. his picture revealed at city hall. >>> late tonight word that toyota is agreeing to pay a $16.4 million fine for their delay in reporting the gas pedal problem that led to a recall. it was handed down by the transportation department. toyota recalled eight million vehicles worldwide for defects. >> first look at weather and what an interesting sunday it was. it was chilly. didn't seem like spring. we look at maryland's most powerful radar this is the bright spot of this sunday and spring. it's -- not a cloud in the sky and precipitation not a factor as overnight clouds. it's a chilly one. the flips down. mostly clear and chilly. current temperatures, still dropping in the low 40s. 46 baltimore. 43 newark. its going to be chilly. the week improved i will tell you the full forecast in minutes. >> thank you. hundreds laced up their shoes for the first of many ms walks. this is the 22nd and it was held today. you could walk, run, even roll for ms. at the walk and throughout the coverage of the walk we have asked people why they walk. >> it's just so dis
of the university of maryland student. >>> and already several recalls. and now toyota dealers have another fix to make. >> cool morning here. 42 degrees under mostly clear sky. should have a decent day although the clouds will start to increase throughout the day as well. and some rain knocking on our door. we're talking about that in just a moment. right now 5:06. let's get our check at the mta. >> no delays on the camden, penn or brunswick lines but look for the number 36 bus to be diverted due to a water main break. the 15 bus with a 15 to 20-money it delay. out there on lite rail and the metro subway, on time service. for the transsilt team i'm mark jones. >>> my friends if you are feeling lucky you should go out and get a ticket today. the jackpot has climbed to 143 million bucks tonight. that's for the megamillions drawing and then there's the cash option of $87.5 million. so you'd be in pretty good shape and there's the powerball drawing which is tomorrow. that jackpot has climbed to $252 million. that would be pretty nice. . >>> clear skies. we've got our temperatures down to the lower
. >>> a newly surfaced internal e-mail could prove costly for toyota automaker. five days before a massive recall, an executive warned colleagues they need to come clean. toyota faces dozens of lawsuits. >>> general motors says things are looking up, despite losing more than $4 billion after emerging from ba bankruptcy last year. it could turn a profit as early as next year. >>> the era of record low mortgage rates is over. rates climbed to more than 5.3% in the past week, up from just over 5%. many buyers are racing to close deals locking rates before they go higher. improving economy and end of the government programs designed to push them down. tax day is just a week away. for half of the americans, april 15th is just another date on the calendar. estimated 47% will pay no federal income taxes for 2009. eighth their incomes were too low or they qualified for enough credits, deductions and exemptions. most people are required to file deadlines by the return. >>> the queen of day time tv is ready to take on the night. oprah winfrey will host an evening show on her new cable network. the s
your money scope report with toyota set to pay a record fine. the japanese auto maker has reportedly agreed to pay $16.4 million for concealing information about a problem with sticking pedals on some of its vehicles. toyota will accept responsibility on the deal but admit no wrong doing. the transportation department said they knew about it in september but waited until january to issue the recall. >>> and goldmann sacks is facing fraud charges here in the united states and mounting pressures from overseas as well. they say they may ns gait. those countries bailed out banks that lost hundreds of millions of dollars investing with goaledman sacks. >> you werings reports are due out this week. most of them are scheduled to show another quarter of red ink. travelers can look forward to more add-on fees, slightly higher fares and cuts to unprofitable routes especially if some airlines merge. five airlines have promised not to charge fees for carry on bags. they won't follow the lead of spirit airlines which plans to charge up to $45 to put a bag if an overhead bin. >>> and at the movies
on the loan funded by u.s. taxpayers. gm's ceo is expected to make the plan public tom. >>> toyota is recalling its lexus gx 460 suv to fix stability control problems. that's the model consumer reports warns consumers not to buy. toyota is offering to update the stability control software. >>> new reports say last year's cyber attack on google put the private information of millions at risk. intruders broke into a system giving access to multiple google services with just one log in. the pass words of g mail users were not involved. still they say hackers could find more vulnerabilities at gooinging. >>> this morning the washington post reports the food and drug administration wants to reduce sodium gaj wally over a period of years. high levels of salt increase the risk of heart disease and strokes. the fda is called to analyze thousands of products and how to reduce the salt. and new profit reports come out this morning as goldman sachs goes all out to defends itself over allegations it had fraudulent investments. >>> clear skies. some patchy frost to be found. frost advisory in s
as toyota agrees to hand over $16.5 million for being slow about its recall effort, the company is keeping more vehicles from moving off dealership lots because of safety issues. toyota is wowing to fix the problem. >>> slowly, slowly air traffic is getting back in the skies over europe. a number of flights took off today but in britain many planes remain grounded because of the giant cloud of ash. some brits stranded in spain are hitching rides home aboard royal navy ships. others are hoping to grab a spot on a cruise liner sent to rescue them. >>> president obama calls the late dorothy height the godmother of the civil rights movement. she died at howard university hospital this morning. joe johns looks at the legacy she leaves behind. >> dr. tore think l. height. >> at the funeral of coretta scott king in 2006, presidents stood to honor dorothy height. at the age of 93, as she celebrated the life of mrs. king, she might have been talking about her own. >> there are some people who live their lives not just for themselves alone, but for others. >> reporter: and she had a message for t
last year. one reason all of the troubles toyota faced and we asked chris perry to find out if the ads that say ford is top at the safety and reliability list, whether this is true or not. >> reporter: ford has come roaring back, the profits surging after convincing more consumers that fords are better than japanese cars. kathryn vogo traded in her le- xus for a ford edge. >> i love the idea it's an american made car. it gave people in my country jobs. >> reporter: how did ford change the car and its business? ironically the ceo used toyota as his model as he turned ford around. >> every vehicle would be best in class in terms of quality, fuel efficiency, safety, smart design and very best value. >> reporter: ford went back to the drawing board designing sturdier, safer cars and added more testing to each step of the assembly line and marketed the changes relentlessly. >> they're going head to head on quality which is something they avoided a few years ago. >> reporter: consumer reports now finds 90 % of ford's average or better in reliability. crash tests ford models now share top saf
, serious, new problems for toyota. for the first time in ten years, "consumer reports" says don't buy this car. >>> and a survivor story from a florida swamp. an autistic girl rescued after four days in the wilderness. [ female announcer ] grass stains, believe it or not, i have missed you. pollen in the air kept hunter cooped up itching his eyes and sneezing. but now i found zyrtec®. it's #1 allergist recommended. with children's zyrtec® he can get 24-hour allergy relief indoors and outdoors. ♪ now he can run wild... with the rest of the pack. with children's zyrtec®, he can love the air®. [ male announcer ] this week only save up to $12 on zyrtec® products at zyrtectv.com and in sunday's paper. on zyrtec® products at zyrtectv.com can you believe how fast kids grow these days? that' why there's new danonino. new danonino has twice the calcium of milk, ounce per ounce, so it's power packed for healthy growth. yummy! new danonino from dannon. power packed to help kids grow. >>> toyota says it will temporarily stop selling the lex cuss gx-460, after "consumer reports" said the s
crews were still trying to figure out how to get the man down safely. >>> after the toyota mess, a closer look at truth hidden under your hood. find out just how much of your drive is really out of your control. and it is april fool's day, but some dundalk residents weren't laughing at this prank. . >>> i'm wyatt everhart. 73 today. didn't get to 80. didn't get to the upper 70s here in baltimore but huge surge of warm air coming our way. talk about what it means for your weekend, coming up. hi, you cancelled your cable service? finally -- good riddance. [ door closes ] hi, i'm from xfinity here to tell you about our exciting new xfinity service. is this a joke? no, sir, xfinity is not a joke. it's an exciting new brand that we just invented when we wanted... [ male announcer ] don't be fooled. xfinity is comcast. and verizon fios has 4 times more very satisfied customers than comcast. this is beyond cable. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities this is fios. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. . >>> recent troubles with toyota have exposed an automotive reality. today's cars
or firefighters. >>> more trouble for toyota tonight. "the new york times" reports federal regulators are deciding whether the company should pay more for failing to give timely notice of acceleration problems. according to a letter to toyota a second fine may be assessed. the "times" says that is based on documents that show the company knew of two separate defects related to acceleration. toyota has until april 19th to appeal that fine. >>> a developing story now out of cancun, mexico. new questions in the murder of a tv reality producer's wife in a luxury resort in mexico. prosecutors are calling on the former "survivor" producer, bruce beresford, redman, the prime suspect. it's believed she was strangled and dumped in a sewer. outside of a popular brazilian restaurant she owned. >> the memories are here. >> hotel guests report hearing the couple fighting in the hours before police believe she was killed. friends and family members say she recently had an affair and his wife found out about it. they say the two went to the posh mexican resort to repair the damage to their damage. bruce redman h
offered by toyota. toyota offered unprecedented incentives last month to lure customers following all the recent recalls and safety issues. toyota u.s. sales jumped 41% selling 1600 fewer cars than general motors. the closest it has ever come to surpassing gm's monthly sales. >>> u.s. homeland security secretary says she's considering a plea from the folks on rhode island who want aid. she got a personal tour of the area. many of the worse-hit areas are still under water. rhode island's governor is asking the federal government to help the state pay for response costs and fix roads, bridges and sewer the systems. >>> there is not much we can add to the beautiful weather we have had. how warm? depends on where you were. if you were closer to the atlantic not as warm today. still above average everyone. 73 bwi marshall so far today. that courtesy of a light southeast wind coming off the cool waters of the chesapeake. you can see norfolk was 70. charleston, west virginia in the 90s. again we are getting a cooling influence off the chesapeake in baltimore. few thin clouds out of the west.
. >> in the past year we have heard so much about cars from, you know, run away toyota to basically the class of the automotive industry about a year ago was when we started hearing about the turmoil and the bailouts. how are things looking now? what a difference a year makes. >> yeah. >> a year ago toyota was the number 1 seller in the country, battling undertake it out, duking it out with general motors, ford was number 3 and chrysler was number 4. so we had bankruptcy for general motors, bankruptcy for chrysler, and nobody could have for seen toyota's problems coming. ford has catapulted to number 1. >> how did they do that? >> well the first thing is they didn't take the government money, and the consumer responded very favorably to that. in fact, chrysler and general motors, in my opinion, are feeling quite a bit of backlash from taking government money. in the case of chrysler, today, chrysler fleets, fleet sells, 55% of their cars are a recipe for disaster. if you were buying a chrysler product today and you drove it out of the show room you're gonna lose 50% of the value instantly bec
terrorist trials should be held in civilian court. >>> toyota says it will temporarily stop selling the lexus gx-460 after consumer reports said the suv carried an unusually high risk of rollover accident during certain types of turns. it's the first time in ten years "consumer reports" has recommended against buying a specific car. >> reporter: watch what happens when the lexus gx-460 comes into a curve too quickly and the test driver tries to slow down by taking his foot off the gas. the rear tires slide out, resulting in a long, uncontrolled skid. "consumer reports" warns the suv could roll over. >> i've been here at "consumer reports" for 11 years. i've never seen an suv do anything this bad. >> reporter: fisher told me the suv's electronic responsibility control, designed to stop skids and rollovers, did kick in. but too late. it's a pretty drastic recommendation, don't buy this vehicle. >> yeah, it's been almost ten years since we've actually put a do not buy designation on any vehicle that we've tested. so this really is a serious concern. >> reporter: in a statement, toyota
,000 per appearance. >> it's 6:35 right now. we have another problem for toyota. they are putting the brakes on the new lexus g 460. they are adding it to their do not buy list. there is a rollover problem when the drivers are making turns with the suv. >> coming up next, we have the sex scale that has nothing to do with the catholic church. >> we have big wins this morning, let us explain. >> and the focus of mexico. >> and downtown baltimore is clear, but we do have a dense advisory through howard county, and we even have some delays within a few counties on the eastern shore. be careful in your commute this morning. >> thank you, justin. >>> we are looking at 695 to i-94, moving smoothly. be careful though. traffic is slow south of 695 at the split. and we are dealing with an earlier disabled vehicle in crofton. >> good morning, you will find on the train system, 782 and 890 is running 10 minutes late. light rail and metro is keeping on schedule. and the commuter bus is taking on 10, a slight delay. >> transit team, i am mark jones. 9by >> now, good morning mary land. >> china
to the loss suffered in the same period a year ago. one reason the trbs forced by toyota. but we asked chris bury to find out if the ads saying ford is the top in safety and reliability are true? >> ford has come roaring back, its profits surging after convincing consumers that fords are better than foreign cars. >> i love the idea that this is an american-made car. it gave people in my country jobs. >> so how did ford change its car and its business? ironically, ceo alan mulally used toyota as his model as he turned ford around. >> every vehicle would be best in class in terms of quality, fuel efish aenls, safety, smart design, and best value. >> to get there, ford went back to the drawing board, designing sturdier, safer cars. it added more testing to the assembly line and marketing the changes relentlessly. >> look at you talking me into a ford. >> they have gone head to head with the imports on quality, which is something they avoided years ago. >> consumer reports now finds 90% of fords better or average in reliability. in crash tests, they now share top safety ratings. american consume
back, toyota puts all of its suv models under the microscope, amid some new safety concerns. >>> and our first look at the new fortune 500. which companies made the list? and which aren't quite where they were last year? stay tuned. the business news is next. and since 90% of boneast strength is developed/ it' so important that they get enough calcium every day../ that's hy there's new danonino. danonino! unlike leading kids yogurts, danonino has twice the calcium of milk, ounce per ounce, so it's power packed for healthy growth. and its rich creamy taste is... yummy! so tfor strongert building strobodies tomorrow../ new danonino from dannon. power packed to help kids grow. to cover up flaws and make skin look pretty but there's one that's so clever, it makes your skin look better even after you take it off. neutrogena healthy skin liquid makeup. 98% of women saw improvement in their skin's natural texture, tone, or clarity. does your makeup do that? neutrogena® cosmetics recommended most by dermatologists. neutrogena® cosmetics >>> despite signs that the economy is healin
-surfaced internal e-mail from toyota could prove very costly for the automaker. five days before the massive recall, an executive warned colleagues that, quote, they need to come clean. toyota faces a record fine from the u.s. government for waiting too long to report the problem and dozens of lawsuits. >>> general motors says its sales have increased since the start of the year. and there's a chance it could turn a profit as early as this year. the automaker also says it will pay off its government loan by june, five years ahead of schedule. results would be a sharp turnaround for gm, after losing more than $4 billion in the second half of last year. >>> home buyers are scrambling to close deals as mortgage rates jumped. rates climbed to more than 5.3% in the past week, up over 5%. mortgage rates are going up because of the improving economy, and the end of government programs designed to push them down. many experts predict that will climb as high as 6% as earlies a next year. >>> a look at some of the shortcomings of the ipad. everyone says it's great for watching movies and playing games. but p
the entire government loan paid off before the end of june. >>> toyota is recalling its lexus gx 460 suv to fix those stability control problems. that is the model consumer reports warned consumers not to buy two weeks ago. their tests showed the suv skidded out of control during sharp turns. toyota is offering to update the stablts control software in the lexus and land cruiser model. >>> last year's cyber attack on google put the private information of millions at risk. intruders from china broke into systems giving access to multiple google services with just one logon. the passwords of gmail users were not involved. but still, the information may help hackers find other vulnerabilities at google. >> it sounds like google wasn't the only company hit. numerous others had the same problem. >>> coming up on this tuesday morning, an overnight earthquake area not used to shaking ground. >>> plus, we will visit the top of the iceland volcano, covering parts of that nation in a thick layer of ash. >>> and one of apple's most closely-guarded secrets, left behind in a bar. and since 90% of bon
, toyota said it will stop selling the lexus gs-460. lisa stark has the story from the test track in connecticut. >> reporter: watch what happens when the lexus gx-460 comes into a curve too quickly and the test driver tripes to slow down by taking his foot off the gas. the rear tires slide out, resulting in a long, uncontrolled skid. consumer reports warns the suv could roll over. >> i've been here for 11 years. i have never seen an suv do anything this bad. >> reporter: fisher told me the suv's electronic stability control, designed to stop skids and rollovers did kick in, but too late. that's a pretty drastic recommendation, don't buy this vehicle. >> yeah, it's been almost 10 years since we've put a do not buy designation on any vehicle that we've tested. so, this really is a serious concern. >> reporter: in a statement today, toyota said it is concerned with the results of consumer reports' testing and will try to duplicate the results to determine if appropriate steps need to be taken. yet another big bump in the road for an automaker that can ill afford one. lisa stark, abc
problems. e-mail from that executive revealed strong concerns that toyota officials were not properly addressing safety problems. toyota has declined to comment. the automaker has recalled more than 6 million vehicles in the u.s. >>> well, here is a look at the thursday forecast. there will be rain along the coast in the pacific northwest and snow in the mountains of montana and idaho. showers and thunderstorms are possible from the gulf coast to the northeast. >> the east coast will see another warm day before a big cool-off by tomorrow. the midwest will be a little cooler than usual with minneapolis and fargo in the 50s. southwest is sunny and seasonable with phoenix and l.a. in the 80s. >>> the french spider-man is back doing what he does best. climbing tall buildings and being arrested. elaine robert returned to his home in paris where he scaled a 607-foot office building. police were of course waiting for him at the top. >> as they often are. robert has climbed nearly 100 buildings around the world including the empire state building and the eiffel tower. the big thrill for rober
. the retired executive wrote the e-mail as toyota officials were going to washington to discuss the crisis. >>> we got a warning about a jewelry web site targeting customers. and promises of discounts on tiffany jewelry. >>> a great day in ocean city. not ours but we are sharing those thoughts. [ laughter ] >> i have been thinking about it all day. temperature around 90 today. >> 93 was the old record it didn't get there. and a cool front in our direction. when that arrives next. it's the chevy spring event. and everyone deserves a car they can count on. one that's backed by a 100,000 mile powertrain warranty. and named a consumers digest best buy, two years in a row. discover malibu for yourself and see why over a thousand people a day are switching to chevy. during the spring event, qualified lessees can get a low mileage lease on this new malibu ls for around $199 a month. call for details. the switch to chevy starts at chevy dealer dot com. >>> we have breaking news out of anne arundel county. two people are dead, one in critical condition after several cars collided on donaldson avenu
of is toyota. that's the car making headlines. there are other recalls out there. linda smith tried to shop smart for her teenager daughter so when the car broke down she got mad. turns out the broken part was a subjects of a recall issued before she bought the car. she took the car to the local dealer who made the $1,000 fix all for free. >> it was hugely important because i would have probably taken it to a local garage to have it fixed and paid for it. >> carfax vehicle history report company says last year 1.4 million cars recalled but not repaired changed hands. now they offer consumers a free recall check on the website. if you are buying a used car it is a good idea to check it out first. it doesn't cost you any extra. >>> government watchdog group released annual pig report. it outlines projects lawmakers put into the budget to benefit constituents at home. spending on earmarks is down 15% from last year. since 2006 earmarks are down 40%. >> everything else in washington is going up quite rapidly, congress has managed to reduce the number and cost of earmarks. >> some of the largest
will not be felt until the department of human services makes regulations over the next six months. >>> toyota is now agreeing to pay $16.5 million for their delay in reporting the gas pe dal defect that loonded a recall. the cause unintended acceleration. >>> talk about the economy right now. we're waiting for the market to open to see how it's going to react to the government's bomb shell lawsuit against goldman sachs charging the bank with fraud. >> it raises the level of deceit on wall street, the selfish bs and self-serving acts that need to be regulated. >> goldman sachs declares it did nothing wrong. its value dropped $12 million after being charged with cheating some of their customers. president obama called on republicans to back reform and called for a meeting with wall street leaders to block progress on reform. >>> the pope met with several people who had been abus priests over the weekend. the meeting with the pope was described as intense but serene. lasted only 30 minutes but suited a lifetime of hurt for at least a few of the men. >> i hope you feel the emptiness which another
for toyota. the automaker is temporarily putting the brakes on sales of the new lexus gx 460. this move comes after consumer reports magazine added the vehicle to its do not buy list. the property uncovered a rollover problem when drivers made turns in the suv. the company recently had to recall eight million vehicles worldwide for accelerator problems. >>> a new report by the u.s. department of agriculture may have you thinking twice about what's for dinner. the report finds government agencies are not doing enough to monitor the level of drugs, pesticides and heavy metals in beef. report says in 2008 a shipment of american beef was turned away by mexico because it contained too much copper. that same rejected meat could have been sold in trust. why? because america has no limit on copper levels in beef. as a result the report says meat containing traces of the substances can reach the food supply. advocates say that is is a problem. >> over time as they accumulate in the body they can affect organs and cause organ failure. some of the residents could be carcinogen i can. >> u.s.d.a. s
are buying again and they're being joined by consumers. toyota says it's conducting safety tests on the support utility models. this comes after the consumer reports finds that the lexus gx360 unsafety because of rollover problems. on the tax filing day, some merchants are offering a little bit of relief. boston market has a buy one get one free meal deal on sunday with and on line coupon. and i-hop a child's meal is free evenings all week long. the battle brewing between republicans and president obama over new laws to regulate bank that's ahead on gma. that is your money scope report this morning. i'm jeremy hubbard. >>> good looking stuff on tap today. hopefully you don't waste in line standing in line trying to drop off your taxes at the post office it looks leak the chance of showers builds in after 4:00 p.m. tomorrow and back into the 60s and cooler weekend. 6:24 back to the roads with troy. >>> we're dealing with a couple of water main breaks. but let's take a look at your drive times as you head out the door. >>> you see traffic moving freely on 695 and harford road. but
. >>> our time now 6:53. consumer alert for you. toyota recalling 50,000 sequoia suvs built from 2003. they're trying to fix an unexpected slowing of the vehicle. the problem is with the vehicle's electronic stability control. owners will receive a software upgrade to fix the stability control. >>> six minutes away from 7:00 right now. little research pays off in a big way for one baltimore woman. patricia vicari found $5700 in the state comptroller's vault. >> we try to go out to people with newspaper ads, other items, we try to go to county fairs and we make a big push not to hide this stuff, but get it out there so people can locate it. >> more money than i ever won in the lottery. i appreciate it. >> to find out how you can get unclaimed property, log onto our website, abc2news.com. look for the link to the state comptroller's office. >>> orioles lost 8-3. the only thing you say after that is we play again tonight. brian mattis will be on the hill for the orioles and chris tillman threw a no-hitter for norfolk last night. >>> police carry weapons and a badge, but many local police also
. lawrence pensky died when his vehicle was hit by a toyota echo. another man was hurt and is in serious condition. >>> three people are hurt, including a firefighter. a fire ripped through their apartment complex. this happened around 9:00 last night in the 3900 block of liberty heights avenue in northwest baltimore. sherrie johnson joins us live in studio. >> we have new information this morning on the three victims of the fire we brought to you last night as breaking news. this is new video from the scene that you're looking at. authorities say an elderly woman is in serious condition this morning. a firefighter burned both of his hands and fell out of a second story window while what he trying to help the elderly woman. the fire started on the third floor of a brick apartment building around 9:00 last night on liberty heights avenue. medics also took a third victim to the hospital for smoke inhalation. >> fortunately it appears that it really is four apartments suffered fire and smoke damage. we'll be working with the management as well as the red cross and neighboring services to ac
. sherrie johnson abc2 news. >>> a consumer alert this morning: more troubles for toyota. the company is recalling about 50,000 sequoia suvs from 2003. the model year has unexpected slowing of the vehicle. the problem with the suv's stability control. good news, they've been no reports of accidents or injuries. >>> listen to this: jeremy guthrie said after last night's loss to the yankees: i'm apologetic to fans who pay to come and watch the orioles and watch us lose. in this case, because of me, i'm apologetic to jorge posada if he has to miss any time for yanking a pitch and hitting him. orioles lost 8-3 to the yankees. only thing to say after that is we play again tonight. brian mattis on the mound with the orioles. >>> a baltimore raven with an important message he hopes will catch up. >>> a radical step to keep an oil slick from getting closer to shore. let's take a look at weather. here's wyatt everhart. >> high temperatures yesterday into the upper 50s. we see temperatures down into the 30s, what will today bring? we'll talk about that in a few minutes. >>> good morning from th
the hospital yesterday. >>> we have a consume alert from overnight involving toyota's suvs. they're testing the safety of all of its sport utilities. consumer reports said that the lexus gx360 has possible rollover problems. >>> it's been an active morning, fireball over iowa, meters that exploded over the sky of the upper midwest last night and a volcano in island. for us quiet. let's enjoy the sunshine. we get up to 74, our 2-degree guarantee this afternoon. some rain overnight tomorrow and we'll slide it back into the 60s as we dry out for the weekend. >>> 695 and harford road, the belt sway jammed up. expect heavy traffic on the outter loop of 695 and baltimore national pike and we're still dealing with downed trees on falls road. >>> we're out of time but we hope you'll i didn't know us for "good morning maryland" at 9:00. >>> have a great day. can you believe how fast kids grow these days? and since 90% of bone strength is developed before adulthood... it's so important that they get enough calcium every day. that's why there's new danonino. danonino! unlike leading kids yogurts, dano
of america, toyota, verizon and wal-mart. but there can only be one winner. >> all the companies in our bracket were submitted and voted on by consumerist readers. people are going off about their dealings with them. >> they'll crown a winner april 26th. go to consumerist.com. >>> let's fill out our own bracket with this weather. beautiful weather coming up. good morning, justin. >> this is exactly what we need. check out these temperatures. massive flooding continuing across the northeast. this one from connecticut. that pizza may be soggy. flooding waters gushing everywhere. some people had to be pulled from their cars. many of those absolutely destroyed and submerged. the problems continue uh, with this uh, record flooding throughout the state of connecticut and rhode island, up toward massachusetts. water will continue to drain out over towards the atlantic and long island sound over the next couple days. dry weather is exactly what you need when you see that picture. almanac in baltimore, back here on april 1st with a typical 38 degree morning low. 60 degrees for the afternoon high
market is closed today for good friday. >>> toyota most generous incentives ever helped left foot the entire auto industry last month. sales at the embattled automaker rose 41%. incentives were worth $2300 per vehicle. ford was up 40% from a year ago. gm rose 22%. chrysler slipped 8%. >>> obama administration announced the fuel efficiency standards by 2016, cars and trucks will average 35.5 miles a gallon. up 10 miles from now. the government says the changes will save nearly 2 billion barrels of oil and drive up the average price of a new car by $1000. a group of american companies says it's getting harder to do business in china. report by the american chamber of commerce in china accuses the government of using indiscriminatory rules. you might want to get in line if you are hoping to get your has on apad. the must have device goes on sale at 9:00 a.m. a analyst is predicting they will be gone by the afternoon. another expects them to sell 300,000 just this weekend. coming up on good morning america the squeeze at the cinema. how movie theaters are dealing with the influx of 3d
, toyota, veer verizon and walmart. >> all the companies were submit and voted by readers. people are just going off on these company and dealings with them. >>> lindsay davis has the report on the full extent of the devastation of the eastern seaboard. >> reporter: after three days of trend, rain this couple sought refuge from the floods with a 21st century ark. alex managed to weather the storm inside his home but his basement is filled with water. >> the water poured in for the last two or three days. as the serious situation. >> reporter: the shopping mall in the ocean state is now an island surrounded by a lake that used to be the parking lot. a security guard was the last person there. he was taken away by raft. the rivers have crested but water is still everywhere. >> yesterday was probably around three feet deep. it has gone up six feet. >> there are fish in my basement right now. fish! >> reporter: in new hampshire this 16-year-old boy was rescued from a tree. he was swept off his bike on a flooded road. >> people need to understand this is not going away today. >> reporter: amtra
:30 this morning a man was driving his toyota truck on the road when he crossed the center line and drove head-on into the car. driver of the smaller car was pronounced dead on the scene. >>> tonight the american civil liberties union of maryland says a muslim's woman application to be a foster mom was rejected because she does not allow pork in her home. according to the aclu the baltimore woman told the child agency she would honored the religious beliefs of any child in her care but they denied her application because of her pork restrictions. officials have not yet responded to requests for a comment. >>> with the tax deadline hours away, tea party activists are ready to spread the word. this morning a group rallied in towsend in preparation for a protest tomorrow. they are trying to send a message that government spending is out of control and needs to top. tea partyers have been busy holding rallies throughout the state. >> we are asking our legislators take a step back and understand everybody else in this economic time tighten their belts and close their wallets. government needs to do
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. the leader and eight others are charged with planning to wage war against the u.s. >>> toyota is recalling 600,000 sienna minivans because of spare tire cables that could rust. and toyota engineers have confirmed that the 2010 lexus gs-460 can roll over as "consumer reports" found in a test that led to a "don't buy" warning. >>> and finally, a wisconsin man has found what may be a piece of that fiery meteor that lid up the skies over the midwest earlier this week. the fragment has a blackened crust and is about the size of a peanut which is a meteor right but experts say it could be a meteor wrong. >> how long did you work on that? >> a couple hours. >> we have a thing about puns here, jeremy. you're a guest, we'll let that slide. >> meteorites, volcanos. we're in disaster mode. >> i feel like i'm twiddling my thumbs. >>> good morning to you. let's go to lubbock, texas. the scene of -- that's not lubbock, texas, yes, it is. oh, my gans, goodness, it looks like snow, but it's not, it's actually rain. lubbock has seen 10 inches of rain since january 1st. a record. you can see getting around
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